It’s finally done!!! I attempted Melinda Small’s dragon pattern ( for a friend’s bachelorette present. We bought this pattern together 4 years ago, looked at it and said “um, no”. Well, I thought I’d finally give it a try…

It was a labor, about 25 hours in the making. The dragon sits about 1 feet tall and 2 feet long. He has a full wire frame, wired feet and hands, so he’s poseable. The tail has sand in it for extra weight and balance. I hand sewed 12 button covers to make the button joints, an extra plus because the wings and legs can move and be posed. The hair and beard were made from yarn I frayed with a steel brush. I used puffy paint to add spikes to his ankles, hands and face. He’s top stitched to give extra definition to the feet, wings and ears.

If you ever attempt Melinda Small’s dragon and want some tips and shortcuts please feel free to ask!

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